Bell Times

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Bell Time Monday - Friday
Warning 8.50am 8.50am
Home Group 8.55am 8.55am
Period 1 9.05am 9.45am
Period 2 9.55am 10.30am
Recess 10.45am 11.15am
Warning 11.02am 11.32am
Period 3 11.05am 11.35am
Period 4 11.55am 12.20pm
Lunch 12.45pm 1.05pm
Warning 1.22pm 1.32pm
Period 5 1.25pm 1.35pm
Period 6 2.15pm 2.20pm
End 3.05pm 3.05pm



The College operates a six period day.  Each period is 50 minutes long.  A bell is rung at the end of each period.  Parents should note that the college buildings and grounds are not supervised by teachers on yard duty before 8.45 am and after 3.10 pm.





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