2021 1:1 Notebook Program

As part of the School Council’s plan to improve access to ICT at the College, parents/students are able to co-purchase the new notebooks offered to students.  This is a joint purchase between you, the parents, and the school.

The Notebook on offer in 2021 is the ACER TravelMate P214.

The cost of the notebook is $1,067.00.  The College will be subsiding the purchase price, and the final cost of $745.00 will be payable by the families.

If you choose to purchase the notebook, and to ensure that notebooks are ready for the implementation of the program at the start of 2021, please return the tear off section to the school office, with the deposit of $100.00 by Friday 20th November 2020.

Following receipt of your order we will supply you with the following documents to be signed and returned prior to the handover of the notebook to your son/daughter enabling them to take their notebook home.

  • Notebook User Agreement including Schedule One
  • Student Notebook Protocol
  • Internet Usage Agreement
  • Notebook Payment Plan

Once these documents are signed, computers will be ordered and ready for collection by students in the first week of Term 1 2021.

Agreements and protocols will need to be signed so that all students and parents are aware of their responsibilities with their new notebooks.

Please contact Kerrie Swanton for BPay details or payment instalment plans - 54951811

I am also happy to answer any queries should you wish to discuss the 2021 notebook rollout.

Yours sincerely,


Tony Hand


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